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About K'hilat Mitlamdim

Kehilat (Community of) Mitlamdim (Self directed learners) is a place where people of different backgrounds, experience and knowledge levels can come together to learn about Judaic topics with and from one another.  There are many quality repositories of information on the web, from which you can learn independently.  There are also webinars for which you must be in front of your computer at a specific time.  The experience our courses offer falls somewhere in between.

Once a course unit is made available, you can access it whenever and wherever it is convenient for you to do so.  However, you are not out there learning on your own.  Each course is structured and directed by a teacher.    There may be questions for you to answer, (if you choose) within the unit, there may be wiki type exercises for a class to work on together, and there will be lots and lots of facilitated discussion boards within each class.  It is these discussion boards and activities that have the power to create a community out of a group of self directed, independent learners.

If you still have questions about how this works, see the FAQ’s page.

*If you are Jewish Educator interested in devolping a course; lets talk!

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