Bible or Daytime

Each of the stories below was taken either from a daytime soap opera, or the Hebrew Bible.  Can you tell which is which?  (In the 'real world' version of this game, to get full points you have to identify the biblical characters if you think it is a biblical story. :) )

Story 1:

The beautiful, but bored, wife of a rich and powerful man, set her sights on one of her husbands employees.  The employee, however, was too scrupulous to succumb to her advances.  One day, after he flat out refused her attempt to seduce him, she became enraged, accused him of rape, and was able to frame him so that he ended up in jail.

Story 2

A rich and powerful man spotted a beautiful woman sunbathing.   Even after he found out that she was the wife of one of his employees, who was away on a business trip, he seduced her.  After the powerful man learned that the woman had conceived a child by him, he had her husband distracted and then sent away again on another business trip where he was placed in jeopardy by other employees and was killed.  The powerful man then married the woman who bore him a son, although the child later died.

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