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Beyond The Matriarchs: The Lesser Known Women of the Hebrew Bible 

Although the stories chosen to study will be those of Biblical women, this course will also focus on learning how to do a close and analytical reading of Biblical text towards the goal of making personal and contemporary meaning out of the text.

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Be The Last One Standing 

Understanding the structures and meanings of the Shabbat morning liturgy can go a long way toward making Synagogue attendance much more meaningful.  (And yes, if you don’t already understand the declaration in the title, you will by then end of this course.)

Proposed Ideas

Judaism Unplugged: It’s not about what you can’t do on Shabbat.  It’s about what Shabbat can do for you.

We will study the laws and customs of Shabbat observance with an eye for making modern meaning out of this ancient practice.

Living a Jewish Life 

“Intro to Judaism”, “Judaism 101”, call it what you will; this is the place to start if your knowledge of Judaism is limited to an annual Seder, exchange of Chanukah presents or family Rosh Hashanah dinner, or even if you participate in more than these but would like to better understand more about the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ of living Jewishly.  Topics will include the Jewish calendar, Jewish life cycle events, and ritual practices that, lets face it, can sometimes seem strange to the uninitiated.

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