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Frequently Asked Questions

If everyone is working on their own time schedule, how is the teacher ‘teaching’ the class?
While some courses may involve video, most course units will be a series of screens that you click through at your own pace.  The written material on each screen will be the teacher ‘talking’ to you as if you were in the classroom.  There may even be times where the lesson stops and asks for your thoughts or input before moving onOnce a unit is made available, you will work through it at your own pace.  


What is the required time commitment?

Assume you will spend about an hour a week for each course unit.  As for time spent on discussions that will vary widely depending on how engaged you get in each discussion.  Keep in mind, however, that the time spent in online discussions is frequently spent in lots of little chunks rather than big blocks.  (Think in terms of responding to emails, or posting on Facebook, rather than sitting in a classroom discussion.)


I have a vacation, or other event, scheduled in the middle of the dates designated for the class.  Will I fall too far behind?

If you are so motivated, course materials are available wherever you have Internet access and on whatever mobile devices you use for Internet access.  However, life still manages to get in the way.  All course materials, and discussion boards, remain accessible until the final closing date of the course.    You can catch up at your leisure and still take part in all class discussions.


A course subject sounds interesting but my Judaic knowledge is limited.  Will I be able to keep up?

All courses make use of an auto-linked glossary that enables learners of mixed backgrounds to learn together.   A community of diverse backgrounds and experience levels actually makes the course more interesting for all.


Can I access the courses on my ipad?

Yes, and on your ipod, and iphone and any other mobile devices you use to access the Internet.